fxpansion etch filter $20 at audiomidi.com

ordered, awaiting code. just in time for a remix project…ed

I found a Paypal option posted at the KVR forum. http://www.no-brainer.audiomidi.com/etch-no-brainer.html. Audiomidi site was really screwed up recently as you have to resign up over and over Also the link they sent me for this sale made no mention of Paypal. I previously emailed the site admin and the response seemed concerned ,maybe it will get better. However tis sale is confusing as hell

in the past they said paypal wasn’t for international customers but i was able to use it in uk. today when i ordered i had to do as you said; make a new account. then there was no paypal option, probably because i had to tick “international”. had to use a credit card. worth the hassle though. looking forward to getting it. i reckon it’s on sale cheap because the gui is (to quote doctor zira from planet of the apes) “so damned ugly!”. :slight_smile:

Download link and serial arrived! install and tryout tomorrow in a session with 2 DJs. will report back.ed

Still waiting for my link. I downloaded the demo and its pretty impressive. I’m trying to finish a remix alos ,so I hope it comes today

installed and working in sound forge. and reaper. my laptop has an ancient cubase le 1.06 that it doesn’t seem to work in…but that happens with a few newer plugins. will install in 6.5 on studio pc tomorrow. looks like another no-brainer success so far! powerful, with good modulation. i have the psp nitro filter which sounds similar (though it also has delay for echo) but is a pain to use because of the gui. this fxpansion gui is plain (ugly!) but easy to follow at least for the basics… the notch filters are cool for phaser type effects.p.s. offer only on for a few days. ed

ok. installed and working in cubase 6.5 64 bit. go get it! ed

Just problems so far. Apparently the installer tries to auto detect 64x OS but doesn’t work for XP64. Don’t have an option for anything but 32x.

i found that on my laptop where i dont have 64 bit cubase installed on my 64 bit vista, it didn’t offer a 64 bit install.
on my studio pc where i have 64 bit cubase and 64 bit windows 7, it DID offer a 64 bit install.
in my case with the laptop, i used jbridge to bridge it. ed
p.s. on 64 bit system it tried to install into a “common files” plugin folder. had to direct it manually to correct location.

I had to jbridge the 32x version. Tried it as an insert and the bridged version is a power hog: unusable. I hope they can send me a 64x installer. I’m installing it on an XP64x pc that has Cubase 6.5 64x installed : no 64x option…