fx's still heard when group channel is muted

I have a big engineer from Jamaica here and we can’t mix properly because when we do drops outs after grouping drums or bass or piano bubble skank to group channels and press mute you still hear the effects playing and everything is set to post. Any help would be appreciated.

The Group channel will have no effect on the Reverb. The faders assigned to the Group are still up sending to the reverb and I’m guessing the reverb is assigned to the Stereo Bus and not the group bus. HTH.

In prefs there’s a setting for muting the channels themselves that are assigned to a group. It sounds like you have effects sends on the individual channels and then are routing the channels to a group. If the channels are not muted then they will still send signal to the fx. So, muting the group doesn’t mute the individual channels in the group unless you select:

Prefs: VST - Group Channels: Mute Sources as well / Mute Pre-Send when mute

Robin that’s selected and it’s still doing it.