FYI, Automap users, Crash?

I’ve noticed Cubase hanging/crashing on exit AND sometimes stalling on load.
After troubleshooting I’ve deduced it to automap crashing and closing in the background.

Seems when it’s not detected by Cubase on load, it hangs and you can just relaunch automap right there and it’ll continue.
This also applies to hangs when closing. Just relaunched if you noticed that it was no longer open.

While this is specific to automap I’m sure this can also happen with other progs so check your shtuff people.
I have automap automatically opening on boot, not sure if that has anything to do with anything…
I’m currently on 4.13b2 It was also happening with the previous version.

Posted jic this helps 1 person who is going mad rn… :laughing: