FYI: Naming Scheme Error EZ Fix!

I was trying to mix down a large project in Cubase 10 Pro with tons of tracks and kept getting this error: “Please change your naming scheme, as it does not provide unique names for the file.” After fretting with settings and scouring this forum and the web and generally panicking (this was due today) I realized that I had two tracks with the very same name in the project window. Instead of “Toms1” and “Toms2” they were widely separated but both named “Toms”.

Changing the track name was the fix but getting info on this simple error was really tough to find. Most solutions I found were very in depth and wandering when it was actually a simple thing to look for. I’m posting this in case anyone is having similar problems. Cheers!


Did you (batch) export Multiple Channels? How was it set up? How was the Naming Scheme set up?

Hi Martin, Yes I was batch exporting multiple channels. It wasn’t what I considered the “naming scheme” meaning the “unique file name” thing - it was that I was trying to export two tracks that were inadvertently named the same thing - “Toms” and “Toms”. Once I changed their names so that they differed (Toms 1 and Toms 2) all was fine.

Thanks a lot bro… you saved my life!!!