FYI: YouTube thinks some Dorico videos are aimed for children

Makes it impossible to save for playlists, among other useful things.

(I really hate this “look, we’re apparently doing something for children!” legislation in the US that excels at making technically impossible demands to content platforms where then bad, automatic systems result in loads of false positives with collateral damage with no due process, compensation or proper reporting and contesting features… It all then gets stuffed down the throats of everyone around the planet.)

But I suppose you as the video creator can probably fix these single video flags? :3
I’m pretty sure you have a solid case here, and won’t get fined if the video is not marked for kids.

I don’t know about this, but I will ask our social media manager whether this is something that we can control.

It’s pretty easy to fix, in the Youtube video upload settings. There’s an option to make it “for kids” or not, and it can be edited after the fact.


That shouldn’t be the case as we have marked our whole channel and default upload of all our videos as not for children. We will have a look.
This is one of those US laws that do not make sense at all, god forsake a children reading an inappropriate comment on a YouTube channel, but children getting shot at school, nope we cannot do anything about it, those are just things that happen. Thoughts and prayers.

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Guillermo Navarrete


I had no idea some Dorico videos were adult content. I must be missing the salacious stuff! :grimacing:

Darn! :rage:

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