G.C. MIXER Intr & St Opt order

Running Cubase 5.5.3
I mix midi in Cubase using a combo of Instrument tracks and Stereo Outputs. For me when I open the Mixer Window & have hidden the midi tracks all of the Instrument tracks default as to first tracks shown, the Stereo Outputs following them, regardless of the arrange page or the order of intrument appearances as recorded. I want to mix midi projects using Stereo Outputs. So for me using Orchestral Section combos in a project from VSL, Halion,(Instrument Tracks) with Kontakt and East West (Stereo Outputs in Cubase) means that for, example, the VSL and East West 1st & 2nd Flutes are 49 tracks away from each other. Is there a way to move the Instrument tracks in the Mixing page so as to correspond with the arrange pages recorded track order and/or my own Orchestral Templates track orders.
Thanks in advance----

Is the Pref Sync Project and Mixer checked?

MashedMitten, Sorry to have taken so long to get back to this. The Pref-Sync-Project & Mixer IS checked.Any other suggestions now that I’m back to tend to them?
Thanks for your reply.