GA 3 and Cubase 4

I don’t manage to record GA 3 into Cubase 4. I’ve read in this forum, and me neither get anything other than “All MIDI inputs”, or my USB Uno MIDI Interface - or “not connected”, in both Inputs and Ouput.
In the Driver-Device set-up, I have to use the M-Audio USB ASIO to connect with the HalionOne bank, wich I use through/with my electric piano. But with GA 3 I keep getting the message that there I have to use the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver.
How to solve this?

In GA3 set up page, did you activate MIDI output. You can sat it to “off”, “direct to host” or “record to file”.
Activate “direct to host”; iof you wanna record it onto a midi track in your project.


thank you for your answer. but I can’t find anything in Groove Agent that is a set-up page. I even did install it once more, but no.

But I think maybe I’ve found a way around it - it goes through my VST plugins. I think I located this map the wrong place. but I can’t seem to find out where to put it / how to handle it. It goes with the story, I’m not very good at understanding the english manual guide. because I know it says something about it, but I didn’t understand it. help, anyone?


On your GA classic screen (the main one) there is a set up button. Don’t have it in front of me, but it is definately there

Thank you, now I found it. it was a grey button called “Edit” I had to press first.

However, still it doesn’t work. It doesn’t pop up as an alternative in VST instruments - only HalionOne does. so, now I will try to read the manual about this.


now I have managed to install Groove Agent as a VST instrument/plug in. But, now I don’t manage to press the key “direct to host” on the set up in GA. It won’t move. Anyone?

OK, sometimes the solution is so simple, that you don’t think of it. Itwas the way I dragged the mouse, instead of clicking it into the latter of choices. :slight_smile:

Solved :slight_smile: Ingvild