GA 3 with 64 bit Cubase 6 windows 7?

Yes, jBridge could be a good alternative to run 32 bit plug-ins / VSTi with Cubase/Nuendo x64.


I have just purchased Groove Agent 3 and installed it on my Windows 7 64 bit laptop, which has Cubase 5.5.2 installed. I also found that midi data was not being recorded. I thought I may have missed something in the manual, but then I came across this thread.

Is there anyone that can confirm that these two software programs made by Steinberg are not compatible? Shouldn’t that be made clear on the package?

I can confirm that GA3 WILL NOT write to midi file and if you look at the old BB site you will find that Steiny has acknowledged this. Should they tell you up front? Sure - Will they? Um, I can not answer that.

BTW: I just put GA3 on a brand new 64 bit install and jBridged it. Now runs great, indluding writing to midi file direct from host.

Hope that helps.


That’s interesting - I read about JBridge, so I purchased that too. However, I could not get it to recognise the “jbridged” GA3. Could you tell me the steps you took to get it working?


From what you said below I can only guess that it is cubase that will no recognize the jbridged file. Yes???

If that is true, then you need to go to the menu tab [Devices]\Plugin Information\VST 2x Plug-in-Paths[Add], then show it to the path where the jBridged file is and click [OK]. Then click [Update Plug in Information] and finaly click [Update].

Hope this helps. Next time try to be a bit more specific and we will be better able to assist you! If you did not create a specific place for the jBridged file to reside, then you got some more things that need to be done. There is an excellent post on the old Forum that gives a step by step how to get jBridge set up and running. If the above does not fix or is not what is wrong, try searching over there for that. Try something like “jbridge setup”.

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Hi LB,
I got it working!! What I was doing wrong was running the JBridger utility and pointing to the Groove Agent DLL file rather than the entire VSTPlugin folder. I have now created a JBridged copy of the Steinberg\VSTPlugin folder, and Groove Agent 3 is working like a charm! :smiley:


From reading the following it sounds like you are a happy camper - Where may I send you the bill at? :laughing:

Great to hear we get some right from time to time. I like GA3 as it can be a quick way to toss some drums onto a track and start jaming right away.

On another note, with as well as jbridge works I still for the life of me can not think of a reason why Stieny has not hooked it into CuBase. Heck with version 6 about out it would have given them 1 more “Feature” to bait up with and entice us to up the anti for the new version. Oh well…


I purchased jBridge some time ago, but now I just want my Steinberg Groove Agent 3 to work in my Steinberg 64-bit Cubase 5 & 6 world - WITH MIDI EXPORT WORKING and without the need for jBridge.

Looking at the slow pace of new postings here I suspect that most of us are pretty happy with GA3 - the significant bug that sticks out like a sore thumb is this MIDI export one in the 64-bit world.

Fix one bug / make a lot of people happy / then close the book on GA3 if you like.

I can’t believe that it would take months of debuging and code fixing to get this little issue out of the way forever - it’s so easily re-creatable.

Steinberg - please extend the current customer-service goodwill you are creating over in the Cubase 5 & 6 forums to the Groove Agent users?

I don’t know if this is helpful, but I tried to get GA3 to record midi information in Cubase 6 (64 bit) to no avail. When I switched C6 to 32 bit GA3 recorded fine. Steinberg advised me that it has no plans to develop GA3 to work in 64 bit. I am therefore stuck having to record GA3 information in 32 bit mode, then switch C6 back to 64 bit to complete my project. Incidentally I am working in the Mac environment but I am fairly confident that Windows users are experiencing the same issue for the same reason. Fred

Good to finally hear from someone (thank you) that Steinberg has no plans of updating GA3 to work with Cubase 6. Anyone using a great drum program with Cubase 6 64 bit that’s ez to use no work arounds?

HP laptop dv6t core i5 450m 2.40 GHz 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
Tascam US-1641
Cubase 5.5 Groove agent 3

I’ve been having exactly the same issue with GA3 and a 32 bit Vista machine running Cubase Studio 5…it won’t write MIDI data. I’ve tried everything, but without success, and even worse, when I load GA3 as a virtual instrument the main panel for it won’t open, it just runs in the background and is therefore uneditable.
I’ve no problems with other VST instruments.
I’ve had neither acknowledgment nor any response at all from Steinberg after my mail to them over a week ago.
Any ideas, if the J Bridge issue is only 64 bit?

Been using GA3 with JBridge in Cubase 6/64 on Win 7/64 for a couple weeks now with no issues. MIDI records as it should and no other problems have presented. Didn’t notice this thread prior to installing, and of course ran into the problem of MIDI not recording without JBridge, but once I installed that everything works great without any special attention.

GA3 works here very well with C6.0.2/64 on win7/64 on native bridging. i use jbridge for some other plugs.

hmmm, strange things i see here. had a project made in cubase artist6 and with writting notes from GA3. opening the same with cubase 6 GA3 does not write the notes anymore. also the jbridge does not help. another happy user here!

Hi, GA3 works well in a W7 64bit environment (OK to record its audio output on audio tracks for example) , but it does not record its output on a MIDI track in C6 64 bits with the " live to host" function.

This is what I got from Steinberg support, which is helpful ( I tested and its is fine) as an alternative to jbridge (not tested) :

Indeed when Groove Agent 3 32bit is bridged in Cubase 64bit it is not possible to use the “Live To Host” function.
Instead it is possible to use the “Write to file” function and drag the MIDI from the desktop to the project.

Best regards,
Jan Hendrik Peters
Steinberg Support

Hotline for UK, Ireland
+49 (0)40 - 42236 115

Beware : To get the midi file on your desktop, you need to go to the setup page in GA3 and place the “MIDI to file” cursor back to OFF.

If you use J-Bridge, Live to Host works just fine in 64 bit Cubase or Nuendo and is much more efficient than using the Record To File Function. Tested in Nuendo 5.5.2 however have not had time to test in Cubase 6.05, but was working fine in 6.04 and unless they broke it in the update should still be working fine. Why they don’t pass this info on, I do not know.

Why they don’t pass this info on, I do not know.

Because we don´t support J-Bridge officially.

Even though it enables one of your own products to function as designed? Even with a disclaimer it would be helpful for your clients to have the best and most current information available rather than just sitting on it to their detriment. A quick browse of this section of the forum alone shows how your policy leaves a lot of users in the dark with respect to this issue alone. So much unnecessary frustration…

Bump for a Groove Agent 3 fix of Live to Host on Win 7 64bit so i can record that damn MIDI coming out of Groove Agent 3.

I know some people suggests workaround with 32bit but really, if i had to workaround all plugins having trouble with 64bit then i’d get nothing done. This has been an issue ever since win 7 64bit came out. I think we have waited long enough by now.

Seems to me high time SB “Mans Up” on their own call that it’s, “The responsibility of developers to create 64bit versions of their plugins.”

Why the hell is GA3 not 64bit yet!? …and if you nave no plans on making it so - Why the hell are you still selling it!?