GA 4 and GM


In some sessions I need to use GA4 merely as a soundsource when I am using midifiles that are made with GM standard. Is it possible to turn the drummap in GA4 into GM?

Jan Kjeldsen

GA4 uses almost the same mapping as GM. For the 3 acoustic drum set there should be no real difference. What you can encounter is some overlap problems in section 2 of GA4 as loops have priority. You need to be sure to load one of the"init" kits or send the loops to MIDI port B.

However some parts of the mapping need some special attention:
Sticks - Found in GA4, not common in GM
HiHat and cymbal variations (different levels of open HiHat and ringing duration of cymbals). Much more variety in GA4 than in GM.

Please note that all GrooveMonkee loops have been mapped for GA4.