GA 4 SE how to start in project ?

Hey there and happy new year everybody !

I think it may be smart to add another language to my concern … :slight_smile:

My problem is I cannot start GA4 SE from inside the project. When I add an instrument-track I can only
select the HELION SE as an VST , GA simply isn’t there.

What am i doing wrong ? The manuals dont seem to talk about setting GA4 up.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Hallo !

Ich habe vor Jahrzehnten Erfahrung mit Cubase SX und GA2 gesammelt. Alles war fein.

Jetzt habe ich Cubase 8 LE installiert - WIE starte ich den GA4 im Projekt ?
Spur hinzufügen: Instrument - dann VST Instrument auswählen : NUR Halion Sonix SE verfügbar, Kein Groove Agent.

Ich habe schon Postings über “musst Du im MediaBay aktivieren” gelesen, nur finde ich ihn da auch nicht, weder über Filter noch über Verzeichnisse.
Jede Hilfe ist willkommen, danke und Grüße !

Look under “drum” instead of “synth”.

Hey Vespesian,

thanks for your reply.
Do you mean in the config of the instrument track ?
There is nothing set to SYNTH.

Regards, Chris

No, I mean in the list of vst’s available via F11. Halion, along with Retrologue, Padshop, Mystic etc., is listed under “synths”, while GA is listed under “Drums”.

Hi Chris,

Groove Agent SE 4 is not included in Cubase LE 8. You will need to upgrade to Cubase Elements to get Groove Agent.

Dear Matthias,

Thanks for your reply.
I installed from the KEYS SPECIAL Edition I am pretty sure I read it contains GA 4 SE. As I am not at home now I have to check again later.
The Installer also clearly said GrooveAgent 4 SE - Action:…wird installiert, I’ve tried reinstalling and updating several times.
It might just not have been activated (licensed) ? I wonder if I can check that online …

Best regards,

…the Plug-in-reference_de.pdf says on page 212 “Containing VST Instruments”
Groove Agent SE is included with
Cubase LE
Cubase AI
Cubase Elements
Cubase Artist

simply NUENDO is not ticked.

Matthias, where did you get this information that is is not included in LE ?
Maybe I am missing somethings, manuals are daft sometimes…

Thanks alot and best luck,

Found this list under CB8 specs, no mention of LE or AI. I guess the accompanying pdf is outdated/ incorrect?

Dear Vinnie,

thanks for your reply. The link somehow does not work for me, I guess you had been logged into somehting as it replys Error 403 - forbidden.
My Installation-Routine clearly said in plain letters ‘Groove Agent 4 SE - has been installed’.

The Shortcut F11 has no effect, but I assume you mean the ‘PlugIn-Manager’.
The only thing I can find on it’s tab ‘VST-Instaruments’ is HALion Sonic SE.
On the right side in the tree section labeld ‘standard’ there’s only one branch : -Synth - Helion SE.
Nothing containing the word DRUMS in this window. :frowning:

I’ve already tried adding path-locations from the users application folder from Windows where I could find
some Files containing the words GROOVE AGENT. But after that Cubase had no success in Scanning for additional VST Instruments.

I started an incident to Steingergs Support to check whether GA 4 SE is bundled with LE or not.

Thanks everybody and best regards,

Hi all,

Unfortunately the Plug-in reference document that was released with Cubase generation 8 is not correct.

Groove Agent SE is neither included in Cubase LE nor Cubase AI.

Please excuse the confusion.

Hey Matthias,
I’ve been looking for an answer to this. Could I also ask if halion is included in cubase ai?