GA 5.1.1 license missing

All of the Groove Agent One kits are now showing as license missing

Same here. Even on a clean install of Windows 21H2. I created a ticket, waiting on response/solution. The more tickets, the more aware they will be about the issue. So please create one if you haven’t already.
I have downgraded GA to the version provided with Artist11 until this and many other issues of 5.1.10 are resolved.

Same here : GA 5.1.10 refuses to open with error “No License found. Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information”.
And the activation manager does not contain any GA…
GA license is present in (updated & reactivated) e-Licenser.

I have the same issue with GA (SE) 5. Any idea how I can downgrade to an earlier GA version?

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