GA 5 Assign output for empty pad


I am trying to create a template project in Cubase, and as such setting up GA5 in this template.
One part is setting each pad of an GA5 instance to individual outs.
However, it seems like a pad must at least contain one sample to be able to assign an output.
(otherwise the option is greyed out). (Also if assignment was done and then sample is removed, adding new sample it defualts to Kit-out)

Is there another way to achieve that, or is this just not possible?

Thank you, Pete

Maybe stash a few samples of silence as a place holder. I’ve found having such a file to come in handy with GA anyway. For instance, there is a limit to how many velocity layers one can have on a single pad. By using the silence sample in the top range of one pad, and the bottom range of another, it’s possible to stack kits, or to bind multiple pads to the same trigger event and emulate as many velocity layers you like.

Before you add a new sample to the template pad, set it up for multiple velocity layers. Maybe even go ahead and set up all 8 layers holding the same silence sample. Perhaps it will let you replace layers, and then delete your unused zones of silence without resetting the bus configuration?

Here’s the one I use. It’s just a few samples of silence in an 86 byte wav file. (166 Bytes)


that is a great tip, will do so - thank you very much also for providing the silence thus breaking the silence :slight_smile: