GA 5 for Absolute 3 owners

Does anyone know if there’s a route to get to Groove Agent 5 for Absolute 3 owners other than buying a new separate license?
My GA4 license was converted to an Absolute 3 one so I no longer have that route.

I notice there doesn’t even seem to be an option to buy Absolute anymore…

I beleive your upgrade path would be to upgrade to Absolute 4 (Which includes GA5):-

Which before the 50% off would’ve been the same price as GA4 > GA5 upgrades, if you make use of Halion/Sonic full versions then it’s the better deal despite the 50% imo.

And Absolute 5 should be right around the corner (I am speculating…) and in the past there was a Grace Period.

Thanks! For some reason i couldn’t see this before…

As has been said, your only upgrade route is to upgrade to Absolute 4, which gives you Groove Agent 5 with Prime Cuts and Rock Essentials add-ons, Olympus Choir Micro, Padshop 2 (though you already have that as part of Cubase Pro 10.5) and the Granular Guitars add-on for Padshop.