GA 5 for dummies info anywhere on line?

I still find Groove Agent largely incomprehensible in light of general musical use. It´s been installed in my system for years and every now and then I take the time (days) to make an extra effort to try to get my mind around it. Evry time new problems arises I am sad to say.

I wonder if there is any information ANYWHERE on the logic behind the grouping of preset patterns in terms of musical styles, and why when and where the different instances of mediabay listings reachable from GA shall be used. For an allround style musician GA is extremely difficult to use as far as preset patterns goes. Say for instance if I want to find some suitable samba grooves; where and how shall I search for them? If I want to look for a simple ballad accompaniment, how would I find it?
What is the hiearchy between the different players in GA, the small midi player on top of the window, the “main” playback controls to the left and the small “test” playback in the style browser?

I´ve studied numerous youtube clips about GA but still don´t find much useable info on how to to use GA in practice and the hierarchical structure of the program. Any one got any tips on a usable “GA for dummies” manual on how to pick, choose and use preset patterns. Remember there are musicians outside of the hiphop communities… As many others I did enjoy GA I, II and III but lost out totally on the current design. /Frans Mossberg, Sweden