GA 5 (full) - "Missing samples" error message while loading "An Acoustic adventure"


I have Cubase 11,10.5,Groove Agent 5 (full) installed.
When I try to open the “An Acoustic adventure”, I am getting an error about missing samples:
The file does exist in the path that the error message is reporting.
In “Steinberg Library Manager->Groove Agent” I cant see the specific vstsound file (FCP_SMT_773_GA_The_Kit_Samples.vstsound) listed ( trying to register is ends with “the sounds already registered” message).

Tried to follow other posts in that subjects, but did not see a solution.
Am I missing something here ?

-Cubase 11+10 were installed using the “Steinberg Download Assistant”
Groove Agent 5, was installed using the installer from Groove Agent 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
Then downloaded the “[Groove Agent 5 Content · ISO · 31 GB]” , extracted the files into single folder, and registered them all.

Here are some screenshots:

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!

Solution found.

It appears that the manual download content file (31 GB) is missing an update file.

Solution: Use the “Steinberg Download Assistant” → “VST Instruments & Plugins” → “Groove Agent 5”

One of the downloads is “Content Update The Kit” - This update “fixes” the kit installation.

I guess this file should be added to the content zip in Groove Agent 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Hope it helps.