GA 5 > NO MIDI OUT with AAX ! Overall very disappointed

…new to GA 5 , but not to steinberg , so having just the GA 4 Help file instead of a GA 5 Help file in GA 5 is no big surprise
(btw no MIDI OUT chapter there) ,
but i struggelt when trying to get MIDI out from GA 5 when using as AAX Version in PT Ultimate 2018.10…
MIDI out Button is greyed out and i cannot find any setup / preference to activate it …
the little cross under the midi out symbol is in the plugin version greyed out .

other problems too ( library is a nightmare…finding files too , loading time , usage of RAM (when was that code written? nineties?)
but to get MIDI OUT working is most important for me now.

i tried GA 5 on WIN 10 and Mac Sierra , as AAX PlugIn in PT

any help appreciated

i tried just GA 5 as VST version in NUENDO7 …and MIDI OUT works
So it seems a Problem in the AAX Version

IF IT IS A BUG … how can such a basic important feature , not working , pass QC , if such thing exists at SB…

any PT user out there?

Regarding the AAX version:

…after creating a support case at SB ( no response so far , as expected )
regarding GA5 Midi Out not working in the AAX Version (Pro Tools) ,
no response here from the (obviosly very small) userbase
( seems i am the onliest who uses GA5 in Pro Tools ) ,
and no SB Employe/Moderator/Programmer is answering ANY question or saying ANY word here.
(What a difference to the AVID/ProTools Forum where you get competent help very fast ,
from Users , Moderators even Programmers ).
seems no one feels responsible for this Product , at least SB
obvisouly no Beta testing ( at least for a lot of Basic functions )
and no technical support , or you have to pay a lot , just to hear “yes it doesnt work”…really pissed off
and i am asking for what i paid 179 !!! Euro??
( BTW minutes after i bought it at Steinbergs own OnlineStore for this price ,
i found it way cheaper at other WebStores, clever made SB , never again buying at SB online , > pissed off again )

Regarding the Interface
former Nuendo/Steinberg user i knew GA from version 1 or 2 in the past , and found it a very intuitive simple
and flexible drummer companion , with one click working , nice for jamming/sessions…
unlike other vi drummer (maybe logic is nearby with its drummer tracks) at this time.
Now the interface is terrible , no intuitive working anymore (at least with the mouse) ,
far away from click and go and i still dont understand the concept behind , if there is one. > pissed off again

The Library OMG !!
32 Gig for what???
Sorry to say , but for me a fully bloated nothing , missing a lot of standards and basics
(no brushes , no jazz styles etc) , poor recordings IMHO.
other companies realize this quality with 1GB or even less .
Please compare what others offer (NI and its Kontakt Drummer for example , far ahead)
MIDI: Nice Styles and variations , but also a lot of standards missing (JAZZ!!)
… if you find it with the crappy Library managment ,
but you need a working MIDI OUT when you want to use proper Sounds. > you know what comes…


…unhappy end , as much as i appreciate the fast response from SB

after a response from mr. doll himself (thx btw) regarding my case about no midi out in the aax version of ga5 ,
i am frustrated…
the answer was saying , " the (product)-department has to inform the customers that the aax-wrapper (?!) from ga5
is not capable of midi out "…sic

that means that a (third-party) vst-aax-wrapper is involved?
poor product in my opinion.MIDI out is a basic function.

omg why not informing the development department that this fundamental function is not working?
Why not finding a solution for a function which is working as vst and much demanded from the userbase?

in my case just THIS function was the reason to buy ga5.

Ooohohhhhhh God

…and me creating lot of expectations of using GA5 with Pro Tools. I probably better wait some issues to be sorted before update it.

I do really want to use GA5 with PRO Tools tho.