GA crashes loading certain kits

I’ve been wondering for a while if anyone else is suffering with this issue. Groove Agent (both SE & One) crash Cubase when I attempt to load certain kits, like the Vintage Extreme/Rock Extreme. Is there something about those kits in particular that might be causing this?

I only noticed it after the 7.5.2 update but I never used GA much before that anyway. I’ve since tried loading in V7 and it’s the same issue. I can’t imagine there’s anything I can do about it - or is there?

Thanks in advance - for your sympathy at least! Steve

The only time(s) it has crashed for me is when I load my OWN kit into it (I created a User Jazz Kit). The whole of the GA3 GUI goes white, and I have to re-start Cubase. Its probably happened three times in the last five days which is not too much of a major hinderance. But never crashed with a PRESET kit.

Maybe the sounds in the kit are off-beat?