GA Expansions: USB e-Licenser to Steinberg Licensing?

I’ve got a couple of GA expansions (VST Sound Instrument Set) that were purchased along with GA5 a few years ago and their licenses resides on a USB e-licenser.

Having upgraded to Cubase 12 and therefore use the new Licensing model, I would like to also make those expansions available to my 2nd instant of Cubase (which is set up and running fine). I have managed to redeem the voucher for GA5 and now have it running on 2 computers as well, but I can’t figure out how to get the GA expansions available on the 2nd instance using the new licensing scheme.

Has anyone managed to do this?
Thanks for any suggestions

The Groove Agent expansions haven’t made the transition to Steinberg Licensing yet.

When they do, free upgrade vouchers will become available in your MySteinberg account. These will upgrade the licenses in your USB-eLicenser dongle to the new licensing system.

There’s already several topics on this subject, so I’ll be closing this one.