GA one presets to SE 4 after 7.5 update

I’ve searched all over with no answer to this:

i want to upgrade to cubase 7.5. I have some projects with GA one presets that i have created with my own samples dragged into GA one. will it smoothly open in SE 4 with the same key mapping and everything? i’m afraid it won’t… :confused: :confused: :confused:


No one?

In Groove Agent 4, you can choose which content kits you want to use, the ones from Groove Agent ONE , Groove Agent SE 4, the additional content for Groove Agent One e.g. the “Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1 & 2”.

When you have made something with Groove Agent One or Groove Agent SE 4, that plugin will load when you open the project. If you want to change the plugin used to e.g. Groove Agent 4, you have to change the plugin used and load the kit you used previously and check the drum map used.