GA pads playing in one shot mode

When you using single midi notes to trigger patterns, the pad AFAIK must be set to “one shot” mode. Once doing this though, anytime the pad is selected to change other settings the whole pattern plays. Is there a way to stop this behavior without having to hit the stop button every time? This is a workflow drag.

Here some nice informations out of the Groove Agent manual:

  • To select a pad without triggering a sample or pattern, [Alt]/[Option]-click the pad.

  • Play Mode
    • To play a pattern for as long as you hold down a key, select Hold.

• To start and stop playback with the trigger note for a pad, select Toggle.
Toggle mode is best used for live performances. Otherwise, it can lead
to unpredictable results, for example, when stopping and restarting
playback in the host application or when locating to another position
during playback.

• To play a pattern completely to its end, select One Shot. In this mode,
note-off events are ignored. Playback stops automatically at the end of
the pattern. To make sure that the pattern plays from start to end,
deactivate Sync to Beat.

Thanks for the reply. Must have missed that in the manual. Would still be nice to have a setting to flip the behavior as I often have a guitar in my hand while using GA and two handed operation (keyboard and mouse) to make changes gets in the way.

I do hope they continue development of GA. There are a lot of nice features, but the implementation, especially with building tracks from patterns) could be streamlined greatly.