GA SE 4 - possible to have multiple drum sets on one track?

Hi all.

I had to let GA3 go since it wouldn’t work anymore and GA SE 4 seems pretty cool, but 16 drum samples as one drum instrument is by far not enough for me. I need something like 25-30 different drum sample sounds available on a single Instrument track so I wouldn’t have to start hassling with syncronized drum edits on different tracks. So I tried to load my drum audio samples on 2 different preset banks but there was no way I could make them available together at once when editing a drum Instrument track.

I really don’t give a damn about all that automatic drum pattern capabilities but I build my drum track peace by peace manually and I have all kinds of different drum hitting styles you could imagine so they just don’t fit into 16 slots. At least I couldn’t find a way to edit an Instrument drum track with all the drum samples available from 2 sample banks. So I would have to do two separate Instrument tracks and that plain sucks.

Do any of you people know if I can edit, say, 30 different drum samples on a single Instrument Drum track? Meaning that those 30 different drum sound samples all need a separate “track” on an Instrument Drum track.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

Ummm … Just use the different banks to map your drumsamples in one agent.
There are 16*8 drumpads to put samples on. Then simply use midi tracks which
are all routed to GA4SE and the midi channel your kit responds to.

Sounds good. Thanks!

Thank You for your help. I tried to figure out all these things but I couldn’t manage that. Could You please be so kind that You would post very detailed instructions on how to do that. This problem of mine is probably something that there is a solution to so I really would like to get instructions told me like a were a six-year old.

I included two screenshots of my current configuration.

Thank You in advance!

configuration of one of four instrument drums tracks.jpg
My drum instrument track composition.jpg

But there is detailed manual you just have to read a little. Just drag and drop one or more samples onto a pad in GA, if you have dropped several samples onto a pad you can set them to either “velocity“ or “layered“ or “round robin“. Then you can edit all the sample in each pad either simultaneously or individually, apply filtering, pitch envelopes, route the pads to mixer busses to apply FX, use FX send from each pad or from the bus mixer, set a pad to time-stretch which lets you also sync loops to either beat or tempo and and and and and and and…


So do You mean that if I include several samples under one of those 16 slots, then I could use them individually in my mix and not like they would be randomply played?

Could You please post a link to that tutorial.

Thank You!

If you want to use one sample per slot, drag one sample to one pad and play that sample via Midi. “Randomly played“ only applies to Random/Random Exclusive Round Robin mode, but you can also use Random Cycle mode which steps through up to 8 samples in a round robin chain. As I said, read the manual, that’s your tutorial.

According to the pictures: the failure is that you opened four
instances of GA4SE. Just use one. Then add midi-, not instrument-tracks.
Make sure all of those midi tracks send their signals to GA4SE and the channel
your kit responds to. This is very easy since there is the Instrument (t)Rack in

Reading the manual is always a good advice. GA4SE should be part of the Cubase Manual.