GA SE - More than 16 instances throttles CPU way down

Cubase 11.0.41 64bit, Windows 10 updated, Groove Agent SE Pro audio only 3XS Scan Audio DAW AMD 5950x RME RayDAT, Antelope Orion SC…

Can’t tell if this is Cubase or GA SE problem so I posted in both C11 and GASE forums.

If I load 16 instances of Groove Agent SE instruments - everything is normal. CPU (Task Manager TM) is around 6-9% and ASIO meters almost all the way down. When loading couple more (nr 17 and 18) ASIO Meter Max comes alive. CPU is throttling down - Task Manager CPU goes down from 3.6-3.7GHz all the way down to 1.5GHz - 2.0GHz… My CPU Never goes below 3.5GHz in normal condition. Groove Agent SE is the only plugin I have this problem.

I can run many Many times more for example Battery4 doing similar very simple drum sampler job… This is Not a case of CPU power or RAM running out.

Also Global parameters are not stored globally but run over in every patch. I assume this is not supposed to happen.