GA SE 5 crashes when editing pads

I recently bought both Simon Phillips drum kits (Jazz and Studio) because they sound wonderful.

When I play the grooves included in both kits, I hear lots of rudiments, especially short rolls before bass drums hits. I do not use midi patterns when I play so I need to define some pads with snares and add rudiments for my ‘‘live’’ playing. Here is what i found out:

  1. Groove agent crashes when I define a new pad and try to apply rudiments to it
  2. In both Simon Philips kits, I cannot see or use the instruments to assign to new pads: like making a copy for the snare to the G0 keyboard note and then applying the rudiment I need.

I will keep trying but it would save me time if someone has come across this before and resolved it.
Thank you in advance!

Now sure how you are adjusting. I use those kits. I usually control amount of hh and rides in the interface here. and i also turn down complexity to 1.

Thank you. This works for existing patterns. I do not use pre-recorded patterns. I make my own from the instrument itself. My issue applies to instrument pads–assigning samples to pads, mapping them to my keyboard, and manipulating them with MIDI effects.

perhaps try to just drag and midi to DAW timeline and use it that way. it could be a MIDI mapping issue. If you look at 6 minute mark here, he recommends the same. good luck

I had seen that video. I think I will have to go that route for some grooves. I learned from Steinberg support that I cannot edit the instrument pads or map new ones for these drumsets because of licensing restrictions.