GA SE 5 crashing - standalone andthe DAW

Hello, running Cubase 10.x and GA SE 5.x on a Windows 10 x64 setup. Latest patched versions of both.

I was working with Metro Heights and all of a sudden GA blew up and started to crash. Within the GA interface, all the sounds got a red icon and then it just crashed. It seems now that every time I load up Cubase and add GA, it crashes the DAW. When launching GA stand alone, it crashes as well. Attached is the dump file.

I tried looking for where the GA prefs file is stored on Windows but can’t find it.

Cubase 64bit 2022.6.11 (728.0 KB)

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I have the sort of the same problem, I was working on the GA midimaping in a multpgromaning I was staretd in a previooes verion of GA, adding more paramters to the midimapping and wired thhem tot teh DAW makes GA chras teh DAW (Studio One). When I load the multi,progrtam that I use in the daw into a standalone verison of GA, GA chras.

I starded a few times over (from the orginal midimap) every time the same result, chras