GA-SE Multi output tracks disappeared from arrange window

I activated multi-outputs in GA a while ago and sent some pads to separate tracks, but something seems to have changed. I no longer see the output tracks in the arrange window.

I can hear everything ok and the routing seems fine, I just don’t know what changed or how to get them to show in the arranger.

I can activate a new output in GA and that seems to work fine and show in the Arranger, but I shouldn’t really have to reroute all the pads again…

Also when I click on the output tracks channel strip nothing appears in the Inspector, as if they were in a collapsed folder track?

Any help much appreciated. :confused:

Edit: I’m using Cubase Artist 9.

I know it’s been a long time but did you find a solution for this ?
This bug happens to me almost everyday, with a lot of Kontakt instances with multiple outputs.

Sadly no.