GA triggers Chord Track

Would appreciate any thoughts on this problem; I see a lot of topics like “chord track triggers groove agent,” but I’m having the opposite trouble.

I have a chord track already set up, with three monitored virtual instruments playing the output.
Below it I have a GA5 track, and I’m outputting it to a midi track to record my real-time fills and complexity adjustments.

Except when I record on the midi track, chords are added/changed on the Chord Track. For instance, one beat after the beginning (A/C#) it adds a new chord (Adim11).

For the opposite problem (as mentioned above) I see that the common solution is changing the midi input from “All midi inputs” to the specific one being used. But that solution doesn’t seem to apply, since the chord track doesn’t have that drop-down, or set-up method.

Any help would be very appreciated! I’m new to both Cubase (two months) and the forums.
Mac, Mojave. Cubase Pro 10.0.5

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand it right, that the Chord Track has been changed by the incoming MIDI Notes? Then just disable Record Enable on the Chord Track.

Or am I completely out?

Thanks! That seems reasonable, and certainly the kind of rookie mistake I’ve been making left and right.

When I restarted cubase it was no longer giving me the problem (though the chord track wasn’t record-enabled upon opening the file). So I’m not sure what to think, but at least I can continue working.