GA1 AWOL in 8.5

I just installed the 30-day trial of 8.5 and first thing I notice is GrooveAgentOne will no longer load in existing projects. I understand the kits are still there as a part of GrooveAgentSE so a workaround is there, but you lose all your custom settings etc.

This is pretty inconvenient. I suppose I could open each project in 6.5.5 first and save the settings as a preset, but will GASE even be able to read/open GA1 presets?

Or even better, can I somehow get GA1 back in 8.5? I find it odd that a legacy plugin like HalionOne is still accessible, but a cornerstone like GA1 is not.[keyword_search]=Groove%20Agent%20ONE

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Although ‘not officially supported’ is hardly an encouragement.