Hey guys quick question, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but while using Groove Agent One is there a way to fire off random trigger pads without assigning them to different pitches within the Key Editor?


Aloha m,

This post reminds me of why I miss the old Steinberg IPS.
(The Interactive Phrase Synthesizer).

It could generate all sorts of random MIDI info.

Which makes me think that maybe you could get Loopmash
or Beat Designer to generate some random MIDI info that could then be
assigned to the pads in the GAO plug.

Also do any of the MIDI arpeggio plugs have random
settings that could be applied to GAO?

Just spitballing here. Good luck.


Perhaps you will have some joy with the MIDI Modifier plugin in a MIDI Insert slot. There is a Random section which includes pitch. All I can think of right now.

Good one c.


Let’s hope the OP lets us know if it does the job. Funny you mentioning the IPS. I remember it from way back but never really used it, but every now and again it pops into my head as a something that might be useful to unstick stuck stuff.

Cheers, C

That did it! thanks guys!

:smiley: and I would never had thought of it if you hadn’t asked the question. +1 to the forum again…

Nicely put.