GA3 and Cubase Studio 5

I’d read on the old forum about problems with GA3 not writing MIDI on Windows 7.
However, I’m having problems with just this on Vista.
I’m using GA3 with Cubase Studio 5, and no matter what I do…write file or live to host, no MIDI data at all is forthcoming.
I’d use GA1 before with SX2 and had no problems with this…all is properly enabled, audio activity registers but not MIDI.
Anyone had this or got a fix for it?



“Live to Host” works only in Cubase 32 Bit, when using the VST Bridge.
“Record to File” works in both versions 32 and 64 bit.

Here you can find a description about how to “record to file”:

Oh, I know how to do it…GA3 just refused to do either at all.
I bought the J Bridge and it has worked, and GA3 is writing to file.
What is astonishing is the way that Steinberg have completely ignored my queries, and that I’ve had to access software from a third party to get two expensive programs to work together.