GA3 and Lion

I see that the list of compatible apps for Lion lists GA3 as not compatible, but the language is a bit obscure. It says that no installation is possible, but does not say if it will run if it has already been installed under a previous OS. Has anyone tried it?

The compatibility list even names an outdated version. I’ve installed GA3 on my new Mac Mini running Lion using the 3.02 Full Installer and a DVD share without any problems. GA 3.02 runs fine.



So this was a new install and not simply an exisiting install on an updated machine? That’s good news.

Yes, the new Mac Mini came with Lion pre-installed. I implemented a DVD share from Windows with the GA3 installation DVD. When I ran the GA 3.0.2 Full Installer on the Mac, it found the shared DVD and installed everything just fine. I wonder what Steinberg is thinking making their statement regarding incompatibility of GA3.

I’ve done my upgrade and it’s working fine on its own and with Cubase 5.5.3.

A word of caution - don’t follow the Steinberg’s recommendation to delete the plugin manager bundle to get 5.5.3 to work under Lion. If you do, you’ll lose all non VST 3 plugins PPC or not.

Cant make it work, lion can’t detect the DVD when sharing from windows…