GA3 / Cubase 6 - Can’t get the “live to host” to engage


So I’m posting here, at last after a hair pulling exercise and sifting through loads of posts so I can actually enter this post. Not well laid out at all :cry:

I’m running Win 7 – 64 bit

Running Cubase 6 and Groove Agent 3

Having a problem

Trying to GA to drop a midi track from GA and at the GA3 / Setup box I can not get GA3 to move from the “off” position to either “Live to host” or “record to file”

The “GA GM output” will engage and light up.

Cubase 6 – 32 installed

Have tried to get JBridge to assist

Can you please help / offer input. I am probably missing something very simple ( I hope).

Many thanks :smiley:

36 reads no response, just looking at the stats of this forum it seems to have changed a lot since I was last active on this forum.

Looking at some of the other posts – the lack of response is saying something, not sure what the message is

I had the same problem with my request. Guess the message is, what it seems to be. Unfortunate. Btw. I have an similar problem with Groove Agent 2 and Cubase Artist 6 on Win7 64 bit. That´s why I read your post. But sorry, I can´t help you jet. I will see, if I can solve my problem. If I think, my solution will be a solution for you, I will come back. Good luck to you.

okay, I am one step ahead. Don´t know, if it will help you but I read, that Steinberg support sayed, that it is NOT possible, to record a midi track direktly from the 32 bit GA3 (or in my case the GA2) to a 64 bit DAW like Cubase 6 or Cubase Artist 6. That is my experience too. BUT it IS possible, to use the Live->File-Function of GA3. I already tested it, and it is true.
Unfortunate I have no idea, why your switches don´t work. Maybe this has to do something with that -no-direct-midi-recording-issue. But that is a guess. Maybe you can solve the problem with that new point of view. Good luck.

I re-post some info, which I comment in another post.

Up to version 5, everything worked flawlessly and you could export midi notes directly to CB.

Versions 6 & 7 does not seem to support this, neither through JBridge.

In CB7 (win x64) I have discover a strange and clumsy way to record the GA3 midi output to file:


In the SetUp page be sure that the Midi Output switch is in “Record To File” position.

In the main page, select the rhythm that you like. Press RUN so you can listen to it.

Back in the SetUp page. Toggle the Midi Output switch to “Off”.

In your desktop you will discover a file named Grove Agent 3 output.mid

Drag and drop it to your project.

I know it’s stupid, but it works!