GA3 will not install on Lion

i can´t install GA3 (Groove Agent 3)on my new mac mini w Lion, from the CD it stops directly, and when i download the full installer (3.0.2) from steinberg,
it goes to 20-40% (fast) before it stops the message is "can´t install files in “/” ".
The program is there but it asks for “plugin.vst” when i try to launch it.
I read about some here on the forum that succeded in install ing GA3, is some others whit luck, or bad luck that can help me?
I use GA3 in almost all my work so i really miss it.

Aloha leifjo,
I don’t think it is going to happen because I found this:

Groove Agent 3.0.1 /No installation possible. No update planned.



Somewhere in The Cornfield™…

I was thinking something similar, but Cornfield™ing GA?? That one actually surprises me, since it’s going to orphan a LOT of sessions.

Gentlemen-say it ain’t so!?

Somewhere in The Cornfield™…

Indeed…just next to HALion Player…

Bumping this for an official response from Steinberg-this might affect whether a good number of Mac users switch to Lion or not. I thought GA has been a major touted feature of Cubase. Personally, I like it a lot, with the exception of not being able to change individual drum sounds rather than full kits.