GA4 (boxed) not in stock.

This is the message I received today.
I bought the GA4 (boxed) over the weekend expecting receive it soon as possible but seem like steinberg don’t have it in stock. I don’t believe it.
They put such offers on (valentines) but don’t have enough to supply
Not very happy.
Btw I don’t want the downloaded version.

""Thank you for your order. Please be advised that due to strong demand, we are experiencing a backorder situation on the product you’ve ordered. We currently have no exact date of delivery for new products. But there is the possibility to cancel the existing box order and place a new order for the product as dowload version.

Please tell us if we should process with the cancellation or if we should keep the box order.

Thanks in advance. “”

The same for me!
I bought Halion and Groove Agent (boxed)! I sent them an e-mail in order to replace the boxed version with the Download version. I hope this will be made as soon as possible!!

I just spoke with technical assistance they they will send me a 25 hours license (continuous working) while I wait for the box.
So I will need to install the trial version again and activate it with the code steinberg will send to me.

Not bad. Thank you.