GA4 doesn't count with Cubase Project Bar Offset!


I’m just trying Trial GA4, it’s excellent tool!
But I have to claim Sync To Beat feature in Patterns triggering.

Most of my projects has an upbeat so I often setup 1 bar value of Bar Offset in Project Setup. But it leads in situation that the Song Position Counter in the GA4’s Kit Slot is just 1 measure in advance compare to Project Cursor which causes that all trigered patterns starts from their second measure!

Steinberg, please manage that the GA4 synchronizes with Cubase Project properly so the synchronization reference point in Cubase Project is always measure 1.1.1


Yeah I agree with you.
Usually I compose with Bar Offset setting to 1 because it make sense and I’d love to if GA4 would by synchronised a bit more “deeply” with Cubase.

Currently GA4 don’t count correctly and also you need to be tricky to manage to play correctly one pattern transition into another pattern of a style if a Bar Offset is for example set to 1 because it’s kinda mislead GA4.

I love Groove Agent 4 and I think it’s an excellent product but if it was fixed it would be even better!!!