GA4 Live Record to Cubase Midi track

Hi I’m running Groove Agent4 with Cubase 7.5. I got through the setup and everything seems to be working. I have GA4 loaded as a VST rack instrument. I can’t record the midi output from GA4 directly into the GA midi track in CB. I am able to drag patterns from GA4 to the midi track and play them back. I can’t record the audio track easily either . I am able to use stereo out from GA as an input to an audio track and record that way.

With the early versions of GA I could record the midi and audio live while using GA as a high powered drum machine (using intros, patterns, fills etc. with a little midi editing after laying down the initial midi track).

I really like the new features and I can edit the patterns and drag them into CB which is probably a better way to create more realistic drum tracks. But sometimes I just want to see how something sounds with drums, or use GA4 as a cue track.

I’ve spent hours with the tutorials and manual and can’t figure out how to record to host.

So have I completely missed an obvious way to record to host?

Thanks in advance for any help

This is normal behaviour. It’s not possible to record the midi out port of GA. The easiest way to convert GA to audio is using Audio Mixdown -> tick the “Channel Batch Export” -> tick GA. Then you get a audio track with the drums only.

Thanks! That helps. I’ll stop fighting the system and get on with learning how to use it.