GA4 Missing Drum Packs

I guess from reading through post that other are have the same problem

I have just purchased two new drum packs for GA4 but they are not being found. I have tried re-installing GA4, re-scanning and everything else I can think of. I have raised a ticket with the help desk but no answer after a week.

Steinberg are quick to take the money but not so quick on providing service.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Please make sure that you have installed the latest
Groove Agent 4.2.30 Update from the following public downloads page:

What are the two specific VST Sound Instrument Sets that you are missing?

Thanks Joshua

The missing sets are Beat Essentials and The Songwriter’s. I have just updated the version again to 4.20.30 and have re-scanned but the packs are still missing.

I am on Mac running version 10.11.6 and using Cubase Pro 9.

Please reinstall the content using the following files and during the installation be sure to select the option to “Install for All Users”:

If that does not work then I would recommend resetting Cubase’s preferences:

First, please shut down Cubase. Then go to Mac Hard Drive, Users, your user name, Library, Preferences. Trash all of the Cubase or Nuendo folders that you see inside of the Preferences folder. This will trash your custom key commands, preferences, sound card settings, etc. It also should help to clear up the problem you are having. Restart Cubase. You will need to reset your audio outputs (Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System).

I’ve installed Nashville, (Have 4.2.30 version of GA4 on my Windows 10 i7 PC) but it doesn’t show up in GA4. I have posted but got no responses, yet.
What are my options?

Be sure to update Groove Agent 4 to the latest version.
I had the same problem with the (really great) SP studio drums, as I assumed that a freshly downloaded Absolute 3 has the newest GA, but it had a stone old installer. After downloading and installing the latest update everything worked.

I hope some patch can be released that would idiot proof GA4 for things like this. More and more I find myself liking the included Cubase sounds, and the convenience of not having to manage a boatload of VST’s can’t be beat – but I’ve held off on buying anything except the $10 upgrade to Padshop Pro because, well, the stuff isn’t idiot proof.

The whole point of buying sounds – as opposed to making them myself – is saving time, and unfortunately, given issues like this, I’m not certain that savings would actually be there. I hope this changes, I’d love to buy with confidence!

Thanks! I have the latest update for GA4

Thanks Joshua, that worked perfectly.

Having same issues here, only I am on PC, CuBase 9, GA4.2.30 . Any suggestions, as I am getting know where from other posts .Seems like No Tech Support…I wont buy more packs until I am able to use the ones I already bought.

As of March 2018, having same issue. I had previously used GA4 on an old DELL, and all drum pack content installed properly.
Then, I bought a new DELL, loaded a fresh GA4 download from the Steinberg web site, and it installed with “zero” drum packs. All “Beat”, Acoustic" and "Percussion Agents are missing, (except Jazz Essentials, which I bought separate and installed afterwards). If it matters, Jazz Essentials does work, and are the only drum sets available to “LOAD”.
I am on PC, so unfortunately the Apple/Mac directions listed for “GA4 Missing Drum Packs” by Josh Matlock, for a “Brin”, do not apply.
I have looked at uninstalling the GA4, but find soooooo many “Steinberg” folders, that it’s hard for me to know which to uninstall, and which are essential to my Artist 9. I am afraid to uninstall the wrong things, so I could do a clean re-install! Which folders are GA4, and which are not???
As mentioned, I am using Artist 9 version 9.0.40, and have GA4 with the update.
Help! I’m dead in the water!

Have you re-downloaded the content?

All packs are here, I think:

Thank you for your suggestions! In looking over the content in the link you provided, all downloadable sound content seems to be from “Expansion Packs”. These all appear to be extra, add-on packs that need to be purchased separately.
What my Groove Agent installation is missing is the original, default drum sound content: On the Steinberg Groove Agent web page, these are listed as: “Acoustic Agent, Beat Agent & Percussion Agent”.
The Acoustic Agent contains 3 drum kits (Vintage Kit/Studio Kit/Rock Kit), and the Percussion Agent contains a wide variety of hand percussion sounds such as congas, bongos and Latin instruments, all with many setups and patterns. None of these names are listed in the link you sent.
Might there be another solution to getting the original drum sound content download?

Otherwise, I am still willing to try a complete uninstall/re-install of Groove Agent 4. (NOTE:) I have already tried a reinstall, but it won’t work! Evidently, because it’s already installed, it won’t overwrite itself. It appears I need to uninstall it completely, first. But, as I previously mentioned, there are so many Steinberg files installed, I do not know what to delete and what not to delete. I don’t want to screw up my Artist 9 installation, on top of my empty Groove Agent 4.

Alternative idea: Could someone tell me what NOT to uninstall, so as to maintain my fully functioning Artist 9 installation, and then I could uninstall whatever files are left??

Thanks again. Much appreciated!

Addendum to the Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:20 pm post re: “Alternative idea”;

Just in the case you might end up suggesting an uninstall of my Groove Agent 4, prior to a re-install attempt, here is a complete list of Steinberg files that are currently installed on my PC. Which ones can be safely uninstalled without compromising my fully functioning Artist 9 software?

Steinberg Caleidoscope Sampler Track Content 1.70 GB
Steinberg Content Updater 2.03 MB
Steinberg Cubase 9 594 MB
Steinberg Drum Loop Expansion 01 429 MB
Steinberg EDM Toolbox Midi Loops 575 MB
Steinberg Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver 64 bit 558 KB
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 64 bit 381 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent Content 7.70 GB
Steinberg Groove Agent ONE Allen Morgan Signature Drums 986 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent ONE Content 142 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent ONE Vintage Beatboxes 38.0 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent SE 64 bit 90.5 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent 809 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent SE Content 185 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent SE Rock Pop Toolbox 3.30 GB
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE 64 bit 66.4 MB
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE Content 3.15 GB
Steinberg Instrument Jazz Essentials 55.7 MB
Steinberg LoopMash Content 618 MB
Steinberg LoopMash Content 2 558 MB
Steinberg Midi Loop Library 362 MB
Steinberg Padshop 64 bit 434 MB
Steinberg Production Grooves Content 568 MB
Steinberg Retrologue 64 bit 110 MB
Steinberg REVerence Content 01 200 MB
Steinberg Upload Manager 12.7 MB
Steinberg VST Bass Amp Content 793 KB
Steinberg VST Transit 64 bit 50.8 MB

I’m surprised it won’t let you re-install the package…that alone suggests to me that something is wrong. or some reason the system isn’t seeing them. I’d just try uninstalling the smaller of these two first and then reinstalling since this is the actual program. How did you download the program? I use the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If I try and re-install I get the following screen:
GA install.PNG
So something’s weird with yours.

Maybe the Groove Agent Preferences?

Might be worth looking at this thread:

Anyway, if the above doesn’t solve your issue the two Groove Agent 4 bundles are:

Steinberg Groove Agent 4 64 bit 381 MB
Steinberg Groove Agent Content 7.70 GB

The Groove Agent 4 file is a different size on my system but the content is the same so it looks to me like it’s all there on yours but f

Sorry to bother you. Having the same problem here. I donwloaded and installed the nashcille pack but its not showing up in my sounds list. Have got latest GA4se update and tried reinstalling but no joy! Did you ever fix this and if so how?

Hello everybody), i have so problem, help me please :slight_smile: