GA4 with Logic Pro X


Looking to buy GA4 during the sale, mainly because of the beat agent mode. How do the two work together? Like midi/audio drag and drop. Is it possible to drag audio from Logics arrange window or browser into GA4 or do I need to use the finder? Is it possible to drag midi-patterns from GA4 directly into Logics arrange window? Also, warping the sample, does that work properly syncing to Logic?


Don’t do it!! GA4 CRASHES Logic…I’ve emailed Steinberg about this but nothing. And no fix or update on it. You can instanciate it once, but if you for instance remove the plugin and then try to re-instanciate it, it will give you an error, and then if you try again, you will crash Logic. this is on 10.3.2


Unfortunately this issue is caused by the new Logic 10.3.2 update. We have tested and released GA on 10.3.1.

Anyhow, we will have a look at the issue and find out if there is anything that we can do on our side.


Works fine here… I enjoy it very much! If only I could resize it…and randomise notes…

I’m using it with Logic X 10.3.2 and it works ok if you only initiate once. But you create a multi out track stack you really only need to initiate it the one time. I haven’t been successful in dragging samples into GA 4 from Logics arrange page or Logics loop browser very well.
GA 4 is an impressive peice of software. The sounds are excellent and the percussion agent is quality.

yes this is my experience too…can only pull it up once. It would be nice if we could get this fixed guys

This is beyond pathetic. 5 months after this post and 7 months after the last update and no indication to make this VI that is advertised as having an ‘audio unit’ version compatible with arguably the most popular format on the mac side, Logic. I was really using this a lot, and then one day, I wasn’t. I’m done giving you money Steinberg. you suck.

They said that they were going to see if it’s possible to fix it on their side. If nothing has been done yet, then it probably is not. Remember that it was Apple who made the plugin unstable on Logic.

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 use a new version of the VST3 SDK that features a greatly improved AU wrapper, which should make these plugins far less likely to break in the future due to Apple’s sabotaging.

Groove Agent 5 will also use this new version of the SDK, but it’s probably not practical to modify Groove Agent 4 to use it.

This would normally make sense , but the vast majority of my other plugins didnt require an update to not crash in Logic. In fact, I can’t think of a single other plugin that I use that displayed this behavior, other than Steinberg’s other plugins. So indeed, it is an issue with the VST3 au wrapper that SB uses, which means that in order to get functionality back that was working before, they’ll be asking me for more money. I’ve seen this movie play out before with SB.

The latest update 4.2.50 appears to have fixed this issue, although I’ve only briefly checked it out.

When did that update arrive? I see no mention of it from the Steinberg team on the forum. :confused:

Using the latest GA4 update, it crashed validation on startup in Logic Pro X 10.4.1 running Sierra 10.12.6.

I ran the installer again and just checked for the AU version (the VST version works fine in C9.5.20). Same thing, so I opened the Plug-In Manager (Logic Pro X/Preferences/Plug-In Manager…) selected Groove Agent, checked the “Use” button and clicked the “Reset & Rescan Selection” button at the bottom of the interface. That did the trick.

Now if only they’d do something about the mentally-challenged Media Bay continuously re-scanning after every Library or Category selection (unlike Halion, which has no such problem) I’d be a happy camper with this Plug-In.

I just purchased Groove Agent a couple of days ago, and it’s crashing Ableton with similar behaviour

Exactly the same behavior on Ableton.

The version that came with this weeks purchase of GA4 is dated Jan 2015. Really sloppy.