GA5 -> Absolute 4 -> GA5 Soft license?

Some years ago, I bought Groove Agent 5, and now a little while back I got a my apple silicone system and started the transition to a dongle-free set-up. Every plugin works nicely without a dongle, except for Groove Agent 5, which I now cannot seem to find the license for - neither in the eLicenser or the SoftLicenser… I’ve read up, and if I’m not mistaken, when I upgraded from GA5 to Absolute 4, the GA5 license was overwritten (which is not entirely within the legal framework?), and seeing as Absolute 4 is not “voucherable”, I cannot get it A4 plugins (hereunder GA5) onto a dongle-free environment.

So is it really the case, that I spent extra money to buy Absolute 4 to cover my bases, only to lose access to Groove Agent 5, and now have to spend additional money to either buy Groove Agent 5 as a separate license, or to upgrade to Absolute 6 to get access to what I originally paid for (GA5)?

Any input is appreciated.

Peter Harket

Maybe you’re talking about a crossgrade. I don’t think there was ever an upgrade from GA5 to Absolute. It’s certainly normal that if you do a crossgrade the new license overwrites the old.

The invoice for the purchase has the exact info you need about that.

If you bought it from the Steinberg Shop you can also check with them. Their contact info is on the Steinberg Support web page.

Thanks for the reply, but having the information given to me in an invoice is a bit after the fact right? If I’d known that upgrading to A4 would actually put me worse of before the fact, I wouldn’t have done it.

The info was given to you in the product description, and in the checkout page when you bought it, so you must have known what you were buying.

I mentioned the invoice just so you could check on what type of promo and purchase you made.

Anyway, it’s not clear from your posts what exactly is due to you.

Well, I don’t want to get at you @steve, whom is taking the time to give me a thorough reply. BUT - as I have stated in the OP - what gets to me is the nerve of such a ToC: In which parallell universe should I at all be given the opportunity to downgrade an inferior product by paying premium bucks? I jumped at the “opportunity” to get a more premium product by the virtue of having to pay for the “upgrade/update” to Absolute 4. Not even in the most remote aspect of my mind would it occur to me that I should have to think about this.

Imagine going to the store, and pointing out that one of the products you have in your basket has mold on it, and the reply you get is that you have to pay double.

Beats me.

You should contact tech support, and see what might be done to allow you to use GA5 with Steinberg Licensing. They’re not bad guys. But they need to know what you need in order to help. A staff member might see this post too, But opening a ticket creates a record.

Thanks - I’ve already opened a ticket.


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As @steve said, crossgrading to Absolute exchanges your instrument licence for an Absolute licence - at least that is how it worked in the eLicenser days (Absolute 4 is an eLicenser product).

I fear that your only option to migrate Groove Agent to Steinberg Licensing is to upgrade to Absolute 6, which will also give you HALion 7.