GA5 doesnt shine like the advertising suggests

Frankly after the upgrade form GA4 i feel dissapointed.
After viewing the shiny “look at our GA5” new features bla bla video, i took the plunge and upgraded… Sadly i cant apply the drag and drop or sample and pad edits die to the fact most of the good material is copyrighted…
Ive use a great disco beat for a track but the clap patterns are annoyingly random in time and velocity… I cant edit the sample in any way to make it play how i want it to play… In the end ive had to seperate all tracks and render to audio so i can cut the clap i like and import it to sampler track, to then have to extract all the clap pattern midi data to add it to the sampler track. Whats the point of accoustic agent etc if you cant edit due to copyright… What a complete waste of time and money. Due to your need to control material (like someone is going to pick out a clap sample and sue you), you have turned a 1 minute pad edit into a long winded farce. Just WHY… Why advertise all these great features if they cant be utilised fully on all material ive paid for???