GA5 Instrument track adding fill to main pattern?

Hi all. Can’t figure out why some GA5 patterns (Acoustic Agent) are playing differently when I drag them to a new instrument track. The GA5 window shows a fill pattern being activated over the top of the main pattern that I have dragged across. I’m using Elements 10 on a Mac (OS10.13 High Sierra). I’ve tried creating new tracks, tried using GA5-SE, and of course… restarting the computer.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is the new instrument track using the same map?

I’m sorry but I’m quite a basic user and don’t really understand what you mean by drum map. Even after re-reading the manual, I can’t even locate drum maps. All I can tell you is that I’ve opened 10 new instrument tracks and done nothing but applied a different GA5 (and GA5-SE) drum pattern to each track and only 3 of them are playing normally. The other 7 tracks have somehow imported a fill pattern which plays with the main pattern.