GA5 Ready to move to Sam?

is GA5 ready to be moved to the new license ? if so its also for the extension Libraries of it… SP, Marco, etc…
I see a voucher on my account at my Steinberg but I’m not sure yet if its ready to move to SAM and also for the purchased libraries I have !

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Update to Groove Agent 5.1.10 or later (5.1.11 is the latest, and is recommended), then you can apply the voucher and use Groove Agent via Steinberg Licensing.

Steinberg has yet to start migrating add-on kits to Steinberg Licensing. Hopefully this will happen soon.

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Thanks :call_me_hand:

How does one get the voucher?

The voucher is in your My Steinberg account.

The instructions are the same as for WaveLab 11 migrations: