GA5 Resizable WOW!

Can anyone tell me what is the usefulness of this new possibility offered in GA5 to resize this display?

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I Forgot the Image!

Here are other exemples of resizable screens… :astonished:

It can now fit lots of different screen sizes and resolutions including 4k.

Interesting. With those pics, it looks like the mixer and the pads are still scaled down to ga4 sizes.
Does anyone know if the pattern editor section is scalable or is it ga4 size still too?
It would be cool if that were more roomy.

Nice, I hope we get resizable Steinberg plugins in Cubase 10 too… :wink:

Yes It’s still scaled down to GA4 size. It would have been interesting if it had been scalable or zoomable.
And as for the motif editor, there are only fewer trips to make, less scrollable… more room, i’m not sure.

Here is the original size like GA4 and the new GA$ look.

Brace yourself for… GA 5 SE!

Thanks for uploading that. It doesn’t look too bad.

Wow, is that even considered a feature? Windows are now scalable, but the buttons stay tiny. Totally useless (for me anyway). When will Steinberg finally create a timely user interface that is intuitive to use with adequate button sizes that don’t cause us a headache? For higher resolution screens this UI is an absolute nightmare. Telling the symbols apart on the buttons is near to impossible without sticking your face into the screen.

Cool - so 90s - well worth the money, remind me why we are paying for new “features” that should have been part of the product 10 years ago?

(edit given the lack of scaling in some of the sub menus - like mixers - looks like the new must-have feature is half-ar5sed anyway.)

what a joke :frowning:

I’m worried about what this means for Cubase 10 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


If none of the [needlessly] small buttons & icons don’t resize, whats the point??

Another oversight is that in Groove Agents Mixer section for Agents, for which there are 4 pages of 4 mix channels, making the GUI larger should show more channels on a single page rather than stretch out 4 channels wide. They could easily fit 8 channels (or more) on a single page if I enlarged the GUI but no, we still have to tab through the 4 mix pages.