GA5, time signature changes, and drum patterns / fills

I’ve spent a couple hours searching and experimenting to no avail, so here goes:

Cubase Pro 10.5 + Groove Agent 5

Song is 4/4

I program my Groove Agent VST track to simply play patterns by playing the C0 pad every 4 measures, which works great, then there’s one extra measure (21) that is by design silent, then the C0 pattern starts again at measure 22.

But it’s off by one measure. The fills, which are supposed to be on the fourth measure of every four-measure pattern, come in on measures 24, 28, 32, etc, when they need to be on 25, 29, 33, etc, because an extra measure was inserted.

The Groove Agent patterns’ behavior are locked to the measure numbers, not to which measure the pattern starts on. If I start a four-measure pattern with a fill on the fourth measure, no matter which measure I start that pattern, the fill will happen on a measure divisible by four.

It should be: start on measure 26, fill comes at measure 29
Instead, if I start at measure 26, the fill comes at measure 28.

Is there a away to tell GA5 to just start the full pattern when it’s triggered with no regard to the measure number? I’ve tried working with the “sync to beat” setting on and off with no luck. Feels like a simple thing I just can’t find.


Sorry - I found it. I was looking at the wrong “Sync to Beat” setting. Works like a champ now.

FYI - it’s the “Sync to Beat” setting at the bottom of the pattern screen for a particular pad, which you show by clicking the little gear iconat middle-right.