GA5, what we want, tech stuff...

If Groove Agent 5 is in development, we need:

  1. Lower latency, i.e. Addictive drums runs smooth on 1.5ms… GA4 will not go lower that 3.6 without problems
    (that is: internal audio on a mac book pro 2012 i7),
    The sounds of the drums, must be heard in the headsett BEFORE we here the acoustic sound of our pads…

  2. Much, much better e-drum support…
    Addictive Drums has tons of mappings, and GA4 has only TWO ???

So to have a standalone version is pointless, unless we get better latency and better edrum support. It is not enough to have Yamaha DTX-900, we need all the others.

if you need more edrum mappings, you could always use a drum map in the interim, or something like ezplayer pro.

I want way more velocity layers.

Please check this thread