Gabriel Macedo - Symphony Of The Rain (Epic Orchestral)

Hello Cubasers! I made this track inspired by some “asian” elements.

I Hope you guys enjoy!

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Hi Freiin, I’m up for some Epic Orchestral. Where’s the link?

Whaaaat? I forgot the link!!! Sorry for that! Now it’s up to.

Thanks for remembering me :smiley:

I hope you enjoy

Okay! Short, but I really liked it! Many interesting sounds, wonderful arrangement. What libraries are you using? I’ve been working with Spitfire BBC Orchestra. Lots to learn. What are your experiences?

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So many ideas and all really useful. Please develop this, the music deserves it.


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I’m using The Orchestra from sonuscore, Horns of Hell and Strings of Winter. :smiley:

Yeah, now that i have free time i’m focusing on develop my music skills.


Really nice music. I like it!

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Nice track. I do like the elements you brought into this piece. It didn’t seem that overtly Asian to me, but that’s just my sense of “Asian”. Sounds like something that was fun to do and will be fun to build on.

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