Gain and volume slider incorrect values with scroll wheel

I did a test to check the gain slider in the pre-section in the mixer and found out something is wrong there when you chance value with mouse wheel.

Test 1:

  1. Duplicate a track
  2. Phase reverse the second track

It will be nulled…

Test 2:

If you change the volume i.e of track 1 from the info line let’s say to -4db but WITH MOUSE WHEEL and reduce track 2 by the same value from the gain slider OR from Mixconsole also WITH MOUSE WHEEL…

It is not nulled. Noise floor very low at -80db
BUT…if you enter the values (by double clicking) it will be correct and ONLY if you stop and start again the playback. If you don’t stop the playback there is still noise at -120db

Can anyone reproduce the test. I’m not sure if my mouse wheel is sending wrong values or Cubase is receiving with wrong decimals without showing them.
Thanks in advance!!!

btw…i’m on Win 7. I did not test it on a Mac yet.

I just tested this out on a Mac and it worked out fine for me. Sounds like your mouse is the one sending random values.
Maybe wait for someone to test it on Win 7 as it could turn out to be solely a Windows bug.

Ok thank you for testing it.

Which version of Cubase, you have several listed there?

I’m not seeing it on 9 on Windows 7. Shall check 9.5 later.

Sorry you are right I’m talking about Cubase 9.5.10

Have tried it on 9.5 Pro with Windows 7 now but not seeing the issue you report.

Ok then I have to try a different mouse. Let’s see if this solve the issue. I will repost with new test results.
Thank you all!