Gain applying previously used setting


I am using Cubase Elements 10.5 on Windows 10 Pro.

I use gain a lot - to reduce as well as boost parts of tracks.

I might select one part of a track and reduce by -2DB, and the next section, I might want to ioncrease by +3DB

My issue is that, in the above example, when I select the secnd section, and open the gain window, it will automatically apply the -2DB I had just applied to the previous section. I then have to ‘reverse’ this by adding the +3.

I want to know if there is a way to disable this behavior. I don’t want to always have to undo the previous amount of gain.

True, there are sometimes when I want to reduce by -1DB for ten in a row, but overall, I find the default behavior of gain a waste of time, and I am not convinced that applying -2DB followed immediately by +3DB doesn’t do any damage…

Thoughts welcome… thanks in advance.

Use normalize instead.

If you’re describing what I think you are, yes, there is a preference for automatically applying…not at my DAW computer at the moment but will check where it is later.

Thanks, but the normalize window does the same thing… it applies whichever was the last applied value (e.g. 3%)

Much appreciated if you can let me know, thanks a mill

The beauty of Normalize is that, You Normalize everything to a preferred level and don’t have to touch it again.
Your way of working seems extremely wasteful, when you got a whole bunch of ways to adjust levels once the Audio file has a healthy (Normalized) level.
Not saying You are doing anything wrong :slight_smile: I just can’t imagine which use case Your way of working would be preferable ?

Not trying to be a D… just trying to understand :smiley:

YOu know the way you get into a process, and stick with it, it’s only when someone fresh says “Wait!” that you discover a better way…

My approach has generally been to record the vocal etc at a decent level, and then boost or reduce little parts that aren’t right.

Yes, it can take a while, I guess…

So your approach is to record the track best level you can, tehn select the whole track and normalise it all in one go? And your results are satisfactory? It seems quite a blunt instrument?

Ah, I see you’re on Elements where there doesn’t seem to be the option not to automatically apply. I’m assuming we’re talking about the Gain adjustment using Direct offline processing here, BTW.

…I don’t think that’s what Peakae means, no.

I think he means do as you do now but instead of Gain use Normalize on the bits that need adjusting (not the whole track in one go).
Decide what level you want the track to be peaking at, set that in normalize then just run through the bits that need adjusting…you don’t have to work out how much gain increase each bit needs so it’s much quicker than what you’re doing at the moment.

Well sometimes I get Cubase projects to mix, and the levels are all over the place.
Some are recorded really hot, some really low to the point that noise level is becoming a issue.( that I have to fix )
In that case I just select everything and normalize to say -12dB, that gives me enough headroom to use EQ etc…

Sometimes when I record my own stuff and what to add to a track weeks later, the levels are off.
Then I just Normalize that track.

Depending of your material, I would highly suggest looking into using automation instead.
Although for plosives or other fast transient audio, automation may be to slow depending on your audio device (ASIO) latency.