Gain button does not work, Peak indicator not lit

Good morning,
I explain to you :
I want to make a quality recording (piano + voice). I am working on Ableton Live 11. I am on Windows on a basic Lenevo computer.
Here is the equipment I use:
-a Maudio Code 49 keyboard
-an interface (sound card) yamaha steinberg ur22 mk2
-a prodipe stc-3d mk2 microphone + anti-pop cover
-beats audio headphones with jack cable.
I managed to get the microphone to work by putting an Asio Driver and selecting in the hardware configurations the audio device of my computer (RealTechAudio) but the problem is that I therefore have no access to the control of the gain via the steinberg audio interface. I have already set the +48vol. And if I select the Steinberg hardware configuration I no longer hear the sound of the microphone (no more signal detected). Additionally on the audio interface, the Peak indicator for input 1 and 2 never lights up even though it should light up. As a result, my Gain button on the interface doesn’t respond either. Could the microphone jacks be defective?
How to have optimal recording quality? (background noise despite the denoiser)
thank you