gain grayed out on studio eq

In latest cm mag.286 there is a walkthrough on page 51 which uses cubase.
in it they use the studio eq,its the older version of it.
the do a low cut to take 7db off at 100hz and gain at 1.0.
im using 10.5 and haveselected band 1 cut,but the gain is grayed out.
why is this?
i cant do the 7db cut.

Probably because there is a difference between a Low cut and a low shelf.
On the other hand if they „take off 7dB and gain 1.0“ sounds a bit strange - you might also just mix up „gain“ and „Q“…? You should probably have a close look at what they do, and what you see and give a clear explanation.

Is this what you are talking about?

Unfortunately if you use cut on band 1 and 4 it locks to pre defined value and locks the gain.
I don’t know what version of Cubase you are using but if it is Pro then use Frequency, it’s better.
If you are using Artist or Elements you have two options.
A. Use only bands 2 and 3 but use more instances of the EQ plug in, like 2 or 3 and do different cuts/boosts on each.
B. Use the EQ that is in channel strip You can use 1 and 4 as shelves or choose Parametric I or Parametric II option and do your cuts and boosts as normal.

If you have version lower than Elements (LE or AI) you will be forced to use channel strip EQ anyway.
I hope this helps.

thanks for using 10.5pro.i was just following the walkthrough I mentioned .the settings I mentioned are what they had on the walkthrough but as I said they were using the version of studio eq before the latest GUI change.

Just use any EQ. The plug in doesn’t really matter. Just copy the settings.

hi,i know,it just pains me when i cant follow a walkthrough,basically im wondering why is it grayed out in the newer version but not in the older version?