Gain in the mixer

Hi Guys,
As we all know its better to use the gain to set Volume of each channle…
There is any settings options to switch the mixer channles to a gain channles and not a Volume channles?
so it would be easier to work?

No. That’s not true.

there is no one way to work
but as i check this is the right way to not damage the sound of every channle

Yeah, but why are you saying that your way is the right way?

And it’s still not true. If you do it wrong, it will damage the sound too.

The gain is the first step in your signal chain. It will affect everything after it.
It will change all dynamics processors, and it will alter the available headroom.
Using the gain for setting levels in the mix will change the mix in an unforeseeable way with every change in gain.

If you have used volume automation on a track already you and want to lower everything by e.g. 3 dB here’s what you can do:

  1. open up the Volume automation lane of the track

  2. right-click on the lane in the track list, select “Select All Events”

  3. use the marked handle to scale all automation vertically; look at the Info Line before moving the handle, take note of the intial value of the displayed point; move the handle down so that the value becomes 3dB less than before.


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this is not what i ask…
thanks anyway

thanks but i ask for help for somtthing alse.

Then you should explain it better what you are asking!
There are reasons for a gain setting and the volume fader.

i ask if there is a way to set faders in the mixer to do the gain work.

but you talking about what is right and what is not…
do whatever you want in your projects.

I’m sorry that I misunderstood your language. So you didn’t try to speak for all?

Can you explain what the problem with the volume fader is? Always try to learn something.

Well as we all know, You are the smart one here so unfortunately I can’t…
Maybe you can learn from Chris Selim and Jaycen Joshua a little because that’s what they say…

I can’t find it.
Where do they say volume is wrong and gain is right? Or bad and good?

Galm, “gain” is a term used to describe a change in level. “Faders” change the level. So when you’re asking about a way to set faders in the mixer “to do the gain work” it doesn’t make sense because they already “do the gain work”.

It’s the same with this sentence in your first post:

Basically “gain” = “volume change”.

My guess is that perhaps you’re thinking about changing the level at the beginning of the signal chain which is what this thing does:

If that’s what you’re asking about then the answer is “no”.

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some people (I do, but it’s not only me) use the term gain as a synonym for preamp gain and volume as the fader level setting.
In fact, these are two amplifier stages (virtual gain change in the DAW), one at the beginning of the track and one at the end.

Yes, I know. But in terms of language “gain” is an increase, and in our industry I would say that technically “gain” as a verb ends up meaning changing the level up or down, at any place; hence “gain staging”.

I think it’s fairly common for people to talk about changing the volume before inserts for example, and that would mean changing the value on the “gain” parameter.

So that’s why the sentences didn’t ‘look right’ to me the way they were written.

But no matter, hopefully it’s all clear and the questions have been answered.